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ON SITE Photo Events is a division of Visual Touch LLC. 

Visual Touch LLC was started in 1983 as Visual Touch Photography.

The business was started by Jerry Esposito who mentored with several wedding photographers during his years with Kodak.

Primarily a Portrait & Wedding business for the first 10 years, Visual Touch expanded to cover Events, Sports and Commercial work until the digital revolution began in 1996. Although the first digital cameras were bulky, low resolution and VERY expensive, the concept opened up new applications for the Studio business as Event photographers.

By 1998, Jerry & Debby left Kodak and started Visual Touch Digital, a consulting and wholesale digital equipment business targeted at Professional Photographers making the "transition" to digital photography. Jerry still maintains this segment of the business as a consultant/mentor/trainer to many Photographic professionals.

​(See visualtouchdigital.com for more info).


Digital Photography has allowed Visual Touch Photography to expand to 2 additional locations on military bases outside of Florida. Our experience in using digital technology in both Studio and ON SITE Event applications gives us credibility with our Pro Photographer digital customers AND our Corporate Event clients. This phenomenal growth in all digital areas caused us to form three distinct divisions, each with its own customer set; Visual Touch Photography, Visual Touch Digital and ON SITE Photo Events.

​ON SITE Photo Events and its well trained staff have been providing digital photo services to clients and their guests for more than 20 years as Visual Touch Photography. We had formed this division to focus directly on the growing market demand for on-site fulfillment. Immediate gratification provides extra value to our customers by allowing 'try before you buy' preview capability and the convenience of having the final product available immediately.

​With today's high performance Laptops & faster printers, we are able to handle larger parties and travel to any location with ease. Although we have locations in Florida, Texas and Georgia, we are able to provide ON SITE Photo Event services in ANY US location.
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